"Silky Calf Suede"

Introducing our exquisite silky calf suede leather, meticulously crafted to provide a velvety touch and robust physical properties for your creative projects. This calf suede leather comes in a size of approximately 14 square feet, offering ample material for your leathercraft endeavours.

 Product Details:

- Leather Type: Silky Calf Suede

Size: approximately 105cm L / 105cm W 

- Thickness: 1.1-1.2mm

- Coverage: Approximately 15 square feet

- Velvety Touch: The suede has a luxurious and velvety feel, adding an element of luxury to your creations.


Available Colours:

Choose from a stunning selection of 18 colours, each offering intense depth and richness, giving you the freedom to create designs that stand out.



- Premium Quality: Sourced from top-quality calf suede, this leather guarantees exceptional craftsmanship, ensuring your projects exude elegance and style.

- Heavier Suede with Robust Properties: This silky calf suede is heavier and has robust physical properties, making it highly durable and ideal for various leathercraft applications.

- Coarse Fibrous Finish: The suede has a distinctive coarse fibrous finish, enhancing its unique texture and character.

- Versatile Use: The added density and strength of this suede allow for a greater range of uses, making it perfect for garments, footwear, and more.

 Indulge in the elegance and versatility of silky calf suede leather. Its velvety touch and robust properties make it an ideal choice for various leathercraft projects, ensuring a luxurious and durable finish.

 Experience the joy of working with premium calf suede leather, and bring your leathercraft projects to life with added style and durability. Craft exceptional pieces that showcase the beauty and richness of suede, elevating your creations to new heights. Let your creativity soar with this exquisite material, perfect for creating timeless and opulent designs!