"SAVANA" Vegetable Tanned - Buffalo.

 Experience the rugged charm and durability of our Vegetable Tanned Buffalo Leather Bends, sourced from India. Each bend covers 10 sq ft, providing ample material for your creative projects. With a substantial thickness of 3.5-4.0mm, this heavyweight leather offers exceptional strength. The leather is heavily distressed and dyed through, showcasing its natural beauty with a weathered appearance. Crafted to minimize wastage when cutting belts and straps, these bends are naturally shaped for your convenience.

 Product Details:

- Material: Genuine Vegetable Tanned Buffalo Leather Bends, known for their rugged strength and character.

- Size: approximately 130cm L x 65cm W

- Origin: Sourced from India, ensuring quality and craftsmanship.

- Thickness: 3.5mm-4.0mm, offering a robust and resilient material for belts and straps.

- Finish: Heavily Distressed, providing a weathered and vintage look.

- Dye Process: Dyed through, ensuring lasting colour and vibrancy.


- Distinctive and Durable: Vegetable tanned buffalo leather bends exude rugged charm, perfect for belts and straps that demand strength and durability.

- Weathered Vintage Look: The heavily distressed finish adds a touch of rustic elegance, giving your projects a vintage appeal.

- Conveniently Shaped: The leather bends are naturally shaped to ensure minimal wastage when crafting belts and straps.

 Whether you're a leatherworker creating belts or a hobbyist crafting straps, our Vegetable Tanned Buffalo Leather Bends enable you to bring out the essence of raw beauty in your projects.

 Indulge in the allure and strength of our distressed buffalo leather bends. Elevate your craftsmanship and create extraordinary belts and straps with an authentic vintage touch. 🐃👖👜🎨