"Mongolian Pelt"

Introducing our exquisite Mongolian Pelt, meticulously crafted from Tibetan lambskin to provide a natural shape and luxurious feel. This pelt comes in an approximate size of 90cm x 50cm, offering a versatile piece that can be used as a throw or to produce elegant garments and accessories. With its naturally curly 7cm length of hair, this Mongolian hide adds a touch of sophistication and warmth to any space or fashion creation.


Product Details:

- Material: Tibetan Lambskin

- Approximate Size: 90cm x 50cm

- Length of Hair: 7cm

- Usage: Ideal for use as a throw or for crafting garments and accessories



- Premium Quality: Crafted from Tibetan lambskin, our Mongolian Pelt guarantees exceptional quality and craftsmanship, ensuring a luxurious experience.

- Natural and Luxurious: With its naturally curly hair and soft texture, this pelt adds a touch of luxury and warmth to any setting or fashion creation.

- Versatile Use: Use it as a stylish throw for your living space or let your creativity soar by incorporating it into elegant garments, accessories, and more.

- Tibetan Lambskin: The pelt is made from Tibetan lambskin, known for its softness and natural beauty, making it a premium material for your leathercraft projects.

 Indulge in the elegance and versatility of Mongolian Pelt. Whether you use it as a cosy throw or incorporate it into your fashion creations, this pelt ensures a touch of sophistication and luxury.

 Experience the joy of working with premium Tibetan lambskin, showcasing your creativity and flair. Craft exceptional pieces that celebrate the natural beauty and softness of this exquisite material, elevating your leathercraft projects to new heights. Let your imagination run wild with this luxurious Mongolian Pelt, perfect for creating stylish throws, garments, accessories, and more!