"Pig Suede"

Introducing our high-quality pig suede, carefully sourced from Asia, and curated to provide durability, versatility, and style for your creative projects. This suede is ideal for lining bags and crafting garments, offering a range of 44 stunning colours to suit your unique design vision.

 Product Details:

- Material: Pig Suede

- Size: approximately 105cm L x 105cm W

- Thickness: 0.5-0.6mm

- Coverage: Approximately 14 square feet

- Origin: Asia

- Available Colours: x 44


- Versatile Applications: This pig suede is perfect for lining bags and making garments, offering flexibility for various crafting projects.

- Durable and Practical: The go-to commodity suede, known for its durability, size, and versatile applications, ensuring your creations last.

- Grain on the Reverse: While the grain is on the reverse for most parts, it's essential to note that this suede is not recommended for unlined use, as it can be variable.

- Unique Surface: The pig suede showcases the natural hair follicles on its surface, adding a distinctive touch to your finished products.

 Experience the beauty and practicality of this premium pig suede, sourced from Asia. Its softness and texture will add a touch of luxury to your lined bags and fashionable garments.

 Let your creativity run wild with this durable and versatile pig suede, available in an array of 44 vibrant colours. Craft fashion-forward pieces that celebrate the unique surface and charm of this exquisite material.