"Upholstery Sheepskin" 

 Transform your upholstery projects with our exquisite Upholstery Sheepskin! Available in a wide range of 11 captivating colours, each piece covers 10 sq ft, providing ample material for your creative endeavours. With a luxurious 30mm thickness, this curly sheepskin is incredibly soft and comfy, offering a touch of elegance and comfort to your furniture. Rest assured, this sheepskin is OEKO_TEX standard certified, ensuring its quality and safety.

 Product Details:

- Material: Genuine Upholstery Sheepskin, specially curated for upholstery projects.

- Size : approximately 105cm L x 85cm W

- Thickness: Luxurious 30mm, providing an inviting and cosy feel to your furniture.

- Colours: Choose from 11 enchanting colours, adding versatility and style to your upholstery creations.

- Certifications: This sheepskin meets the OEKO_TEX standard, guaranteeing its quality and eco-friendly production.


- Soft and Comfy: The curly sheepskin provides a plush and comfortable surface, enhancing your upholstery experience.

- Natural Thermo-Regulator: Embrace the sheepskin's unique thermo-regulating properties, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

- Versatile Applications: Ideal for furniture upholstery, adding sophistication and cosiness to your living spaces.

 Whether you're an interior designer or a DIY enthusiast, our Upholstery Sheepskin empowers you to elevate your furniture projects with the allure of natural comfort and style.

 Embrace the elegance and cosiness of our upholstery sheepskin, and transform your living spaces with the warmth and charm of genuine sheepskin. 🐑🛋️✨