Introducing our exquisite Italian corrected grain upholstery leather, meticulously crafted to provide luxury and sophistication. This versatile leather is available in two sizes, side (approximately 25 square feet) and hide (approximately 50 square feet), giving you ample material for your creative projects.

 Product Details:

- Leather Type: Corrected Grain

- Size: Hide- 230 cm L x 200cm W or 230cmL / 100cmW (approximately)

- Thickness: 1.3-1.5mm

- Coverage: Side (approximately 25 sq ft) and Hide (approximately 50 sq ft)

- Origin: Italian


- Premium Quality: Sourced from Italy, this corrected grain upholstery leather guarantees exceptional quality and craftsmanship, ensuring a luxurious feel and appearance.

- Ideal for Upholstery and Bag Making: This leather is perfect for both upholstery projects, where it adds a touch of elegance and comfort, and bag making, creating stylish and durable bags.

- Chrome Tanned and Aniline Drum Dyed: The chrome tanning process and aniline drum dyeing give the leather its rich colour and enhance its natural beauty.

- Semi Gloss Appearance: The pigmented finish adds a semi-gloss appearance, elevating the sophistication of your crafted pieces.

 Indulge in the beauty and elegance of Italian corrected grain upholstery leather. Its luxurious feel and appearance make it a top choice for both upholstery and bag making projects.

 Experience the joy of working with premium leather as you create upholstery pieces that exude elegance and charm. Craft stylish and sophisticated bags that showcase the timeless appeal of this exquisite leather. Let your creativity shine with this exceptional Italian corrected grain upholstery leather!