"Aviator Sheepskin"

Introducing our exquisite Aviator Sheepskin, sourced from North America, meticulously crafted to provide exceptional warmth and style for your leathercraft projects. This sheepskin comes in a size of approximately 10 square feet and is available in three captivating designs: Army-Seal, Vintage, and Ginger. With two weight options of 15mm or 22mm and a leather reverse, this sheepskin offers versatility and comfort.


Product Details:

- Leather Type: Aviator Sheepskin

- Size: Approximately 110cm L x 85cm W

- Thickness Options: 15mm or 22mm

- Coverage: Approximately 10 square feet

- Origin: North America

- Designs: Navy-Seal, Vintage, and Ginger



- Premium Quality: Sourced from North America, this Aviator Sheepskin guarantees exceptional quality and craftsmanship, ensuring your projects exude luxury and comfort.

- Plush Wool Lining: The sheepskin provides exceptional warmth and insulation, making it perfect for crafting aviator jackets, pilot jackets, and other clothing items.

- Versatile Use: This sheepskin is used to produce a variety of items, including wool-lined clothing or coverings, coats, gloves, hats, slippers, seat covers, baby rugs, saddle pads, horse boots, and more.

- Leather Reverse: The sheepskin comes with a leather reverse, offering durability and added structure to your leathercraft creations.

 Indulge in the elegance and warmth of Aviator Sheepskin. Its plush wool lining and versatility make it an ideal choice for crafting aviator jackets, pilot jackets, and a wide range of other leather items that exude sophistication and comfort.

 Experience the joy of working with premium sheepskin, showcasing your creativity and flair. Craft exceptional pieces that celebrate the beauty and functionality of this luxurious material, elevating your leathercraft projects to new heights. Let your imagination run wild with this exquisite Aviator Sheepskin, perfect for creating stylish and cosy designs for aviator jackets, accessories, and more!