Introducing our exquisite Spanish Toscana sheepskin, expertly sourced and crafted to provide luxury and style. This versatile sheepskin comes in a size of approximately 4 square feet, offering you the perfect material for creating garments, coats, collars, and elegant trim.

 Product Details:

- Material: Spanish Toscana Sheepskin

- Size: 50cm W x 60cm L (approximately)

- Hair Length: 5cm (approximately 2 inches)

- Tone-Tone (TT) has a solid colour throughout, Brisa has a Two-Tone colourway.

- Reverse: The sheepskin features a suede finish on the reverse side, with the exception of the Nappalan variant.

- Characteristic Toscana Style: Toscana sheepskin is known for its suede finish on the exterior and long hair, approximately Two inches, from the interior of the pelt.


- Superior Quality: Sourced from Spain, this Toscana sheepskin guarantees exceptional quality and craftsmanship, ensuring your creations stand out.

- Versatile Applications: The sheepskin is perfect for making various garments, coats, and accessories like collars and trim, adding a touch of luxury to your creations.

 - Elegant Long Hair: The characteristic long hair on the interior of the pelt adds a luxurious and sophisticated look to your designs.

- Soft and Comfortable: Toscana sheepskin provides a soft and comfortable feel, making it ideal for creating cozy and stylish garments.

 Indulge in the elegance and beauty of Spanish Toscana sheepskin. The softness, long hair, and suede finish make it a top choice for creating fashion-forward garments, coats, and accessories.

 Experience the joy of working with premium sheepskin that exudes luxury and style. Craft exceptional pieces that showcase the unique beauty of Toscana sheepskin and elevate your fashion creations to a whole new level. Let your creativity flourish with this exquisite material, perfect for creating timeless and chic designs!