Introducing our exquisite Italian glazed leather hides, meticulously crafted to offer versatility and style. These leather hides are available in two sizes, side (approximately 25 square feet) and hide (approximately 50 square feet), giving you ample material for your creative projects.

 Product Details:

- Leather Type: Glazed Leather

Size:  Hide-230 cm L x 200 cm W or Side- 230cmL / 100cmW (approximately)

- Thickness: 0.9-1.0mm

- Origin: Italian

- Available Sizes: Side (approximately 25 sq ft) and Hide (approximately 50 sq ft)

- Natural Grain with a Glazed Finish


- Superior Quality: Crafted with precision, these Italian glazed leather hides guarantee exceptional quality and durability for your bags, jackets, and more.

- Lightly Finished Glazed Appearance: The leather hides feature a glazed finish, giving them a subtle shine and a touch of sophistication.

- Antique Effect: With handling and use, the leather will distress slightly, producing a beautiful antique effect that adds character to the article.

- Versatile Applications: These leather hides are ideal for various projects, from crafting stylish bags to creating trendy jackets and more.

 Embrace the beauty and versatility of Italian glazed leather hides. The lightly finished glazed appearance adds elegance to your creations, and the natural grain enhances the leather's aesthetic appeal.

 Experience the charm of this premium glazed leather as it develops its unique antique effect with use. Craft exceptional bags, jackets, and more with these top-quality Italian leather hides that showcase style and longevity. Let your creativity flourish and bring your leathercraft projects to life with this exquisite leather!