Introducing our exceptional South African diesel pull up leather, a premium material crafted to perfection. This versatile leather is available in two sizes, side (approximately 22 square feet) and hide (approximately 45 square feet), giving you ample material for your creative projects.

 Product Details:

- Leather Type: Diesel Pull Up

Size : 230cm L x 200 cm W or 230cm L x 100cm W (approximately)

- Thickness: 1.1-1.3mm 

- Origin: South Africa

- Available Sizes: Side (approximately 22 sq ft) and Hide (approximately 45 sq ft)

- Available Colours: Brown, Rosewood, Black, Olive, Toffee, Denim, Tobacco & Grey


- Premium Quality: Crafted from top-quality South African cow hide, this diesel pull up leather boasts exceptional durability and a luxurious look.

- Distinctive Pull Up Effect: The leather's characteristic pull up effect creates beautiful colour variations as it's pulled or stretched, adding character and depth to your creations.

- Full Grain: This leather showcases the natural texture and markings of the cow hide, giving your bags, wallets, and accessories a rustic and authentic appeal.

- Versatile Colours: Choose from 8 stunning colours, allowing you to design pieces that match your unique style and taste.

 Indulge in the beauty and versatility of South African diesel pull up leather, and take your bag making, wallet crafting, and accessory design to the next level.

 Elevate your craftsmanship with this premium full grain leather, featuring a distinctive pull up effect that adds personality and charm to your creations. Experience the luxury of working with a material that exudes style and sophistication in every stitch.