👜 Vegas Foiled Leather for Bag Making & Footwear 👞

 Introducing our exquisite Foiled Metallic Leather, a luxurious choice for crafting stunning bags and footwear. With each piece covering 24 sq ft (Approximately), you have ample material to bring your creative visions to life. Sourced from South American cowhide, this natural grain leather with a thickness of 0.9-1.1mm is meticulously foiled and naturally milled, resulting in a beautiful soft touch with a metallic finish that adds a touch of opulence to your designs.

Material: Genuine Foiled Metallic Cow Hide, combining sophistication with a shimmering allure.

- Finish: Natural Grain with a Metallic Touch, showcasing the authentic beauty of the leather with a gleaming effect.

Size: 220cm L / 90 cm W (approximately)

- Thickness: 0.9-1.1mm, providing a lightweight and flexible option for bag making and footwear.

- Type: Cow Side Leather, ensuring uniformity and ease of use in your crafting projects.

- Origin: Sourced from South American cowhide, known for its exceptional leather quality.

- Luxurious Metallic Shine: The foiled metallic finish enhances your creations with a dazzling, eye-catching appeal.

- Soft and Supple: The naturally milled cow hide ensures a beautiful soft touch, adding comfort and elegance to your bags and footwear.

- Versatile Applications: Ideal for crafting bags and footwear that exude style and sophistication for any occasion.

- Premium Quality: Each leather piece is carefully selected from South American cowhide, ensuring top-notch craftsmanship and lasting beauty.

- Vibrant Colour Selection: Choose from eight captivating metallic colours, allowing you to express your creativity with an array of design options.

Whether you're a seasoned leather crafter or a budding enthusiast, our Foiled Metallic Leather elevates your projects with its shimmering beauty and luxurious texture. Experience the allure and versatility of this extraordinary material, and let your bags and footwear shine with a touch of brilliance.

 Indulge in the finesse of our Vegas cow hide, naturally milled to perfection. Elevate your craftsmanship and create extraordinary pieces that captivate with their radiant charm. 👜👞✨🌟