"Pig Split, Suede"

Introducing our versatile pig split suede leather, meticulously sourced from Asia, designed specifically for lining various leathercraft projects. This pig split suede comes in a size of approximately 10 square feet, providing ample material for your lining needs.


Product Details:

- Leather Type: Pig Split Suede

- Thickness: 0.7mm (Approximately)

- Coverage: Approximately 10 square feet

- Origin: Asia



- Superior Quality: Sourced from Asia, this pig split suede leather guarantees exceptional quality and durability, ensuring your lining projects are of the highest standard.

- Versatile Thickness: With a thickness of 0.5- 0.6mm, this pig split suede provides the perfect balance of flexibility and durability, making it ideal for lining applications.

- Soft and Smooth Suede: The suede finish on the pig split leather offers a soft and smooth texture, adding comfort and elegance to your leathercraft projects.

- Perfect for Lining: Designed specifically for lining, this pig split suede leather is the ideal choice to add a luxurious and refined touch to your leather goods.

 Experience the joy of working with premium pig split suede leather, crafted to elevate the lining of your leathercraft projects. Whether it's for bags, wallets, jackets, or other items, this suede leather is the perfect choice for adding a touch of luxury and sophistication.

 Indulge in the softness and versatility of pig split suede leather, and let your lining projects shine with style and durability. Craft exceptional pieces that showcase the beauty and elegance of suede, elevating your creations to new heights. Let your creativity flourish with this exquisite material, perfect for lining various leathercraft projects!