"Buxton" (Natural & Dyed Through)

 📚 Vegetable Tanned Goat Skin 🐐📖

 Discover the beauty and versatility of our Vegetable Tanned Goat Skin, specially curated for bookbinding and small leather goods. This premium leather is available in natural or pre-dyed options, allowing you to choose the perfect starting point for your creative projects. With a full grain texture, this goat skin is ideal for crafting items that demand a touch of elegance and durability. Embrace the freedom to apply your desired dyes and stains, as the natural version readily accepts them, while all other colours are dyed through. Each piece covers 7 sq ft (Approximately), providing ample material for your artisanal endeavours.

 Product Details:

- Material: Genuine Vegetable Tanned Goat Skin, renowned for its durability and natural appeal.

- Finish: Full Grain, showcasing the authentic character of the leather.

- Size: approximately 80cm L x 55cm W

- Thickness: 1.1mm, offering a sturdy and flexible material for bookbinding and small leather goods.

- Options: Choose from natural or pre-dyed leather, catering to your creative preferences.


- Versatile and Dye-Friendly: Natural goat skin readily accepts dyes and stains, allowing you to customize your creations as you desire. All other colours are dyed through, providing consistent vibrancy.

- Premium Quality: Vegetable tanned goat skin ensures lasting durability and beauty for your projects.

- Perfect for Artisans: Ideal for bookbinding and crafting small leather goods with an artisanal touch.

 Whether you're a professional bookbinder or a passionate leatherworker, our Vegetable Tanned Goat Skin empowers you to create pieces that exude natural beauty and charm.

 Indulge in the quality and versatility of our full grain goat skin. Elevate your craftsmanship and create extraordinary bookbinding projects and small leather goods that leave a lasting impression. 📚🐐🎨