"Ranch Cow Hide"

Ranch leather is an elegant aniline leather with an open structure. This leather has it's origins on the large pampas in Brazil, here only the highest grade of hides are selected to be processed into our sustainable Ranch leather. Ranch stands close to the original Cow-Hide. To preserve the character  of the hides as much as possible the leather is processed with paraffin & transparent aniline dyes, depending on the absorption of these dyes, the shade & grain can deviate. Real leather lives & breathes with you, over time a patina will develop on the used parts, this further enhances the natural characteristics of the hide.

Size : Hide=215cm x 185cm Side=215cm x 95cm (Approximately)

Area : Hide=60 sqft Side=30 sqft (Approximately)

🐄 Cow Hide Leather for Upholstery & Bag Making 🎒🛋️


 Product Details:

- Material: Genuine Cow Hide Leather, known for its strength and longevity.

- Grain: Smooth Grain, providing a polished and refined appearance.

- Finish: Semi-Aniline, showcasing the leather's natural beauty while adding a touch of elegance.

- Thickness: 1.2-1.4mm, offering a sturdy and versatile material for upholstery and bag making.

- Tanning Process: Chrome Tanned, ensuring a high-quality and consistent product.


- Premium Quality: The full grain leather preserves the natural character and imperfections, making each piece unique and authentic.

- Versatile Applications: Ideal for both upholstery work, adding sophistication to furniture, and bag making, offering a reliable and stylish choice for accessories.

- Subtle Distressed Finish: The leather's distressed finish adds a touch of vintage charm, making your projects stand out with timeless elegance.

- Wide Colour Selection: Choose from six appealing colours, empowering you to personalize your creations.

 Whether you're an experienced leatherworker or a passionate DIY enthusiast, our Cow Hide Leather opens up endless possibilities for your upholstery and bag designs. Create lasting impressions with the beauty and resilience of this exceptional material.

 Transform your projects with the allure of our full grain, semi-aniline cow hide leather, enhanced with a subtle distressed finish. Elevate your craftsmanship and make a statement with this distinguished leather. 🐄🎒🛋️