Shipshape Off-White : Smooth Leather Cow Sides, 1.4-1.6mm (Ex Pittards Stock)

Shipshape Off-White : Smooth Leather Cow Sides, 1.4-1.6mm (Ex Pittards Stock)

Shipshape Off-White : Smooth Leather Cow Sides, 1.4-1.6mm (Ex Pittards Stock)

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"Shipshape Off-White Leather Cow Side"


Enhance your leather projects with the Shipshape Off-White Leather Cow Side. Crafted with precision and care, this smooth off-white cowhide offers a semi-firm handle, ideal for a range of leather crafting endeavours. Whether you're creating bags, wallets, or accessories, this high-quality leather ensures durability and elegance. With a generous size of 23 square feet and a thickness ranging from 1.4mm to 1.6mm, this leather side provides ample material for your creative projects. Elevate your craftsmanship with the Shipshape Off-White Leather Cow Side today.


- Genuine off-white leather cow side

- Smooth finish for a sleek appearance

- Semi-firm handle for enhanced durability

- Suitable for various leather crafting projects

- Size: 23 square feet

- Thickness: 1.4mm - 1.6mm

**Ideal For:**

- Bag making

- Wallet construction

- Leather accessories

- Crafting projects requiring durable and elegant leather.


I buy Biker in  black almost every month from GH leathers

brilliant service and staff!

Nana Evans

Amazing selection of all leathers, suedes and Nubuck, everything you need! Very helpful staff, great quality, at great prices.

Paul Millhouse-Smith

Found this leather wholesalers on line and wasn't sure that they would want my small order
They were very welcoming and helpful
I will definitely be back

Gordon Wilson

Very nice products, price reasonable, very good and kind client severvice!!!
Thanks Ayeisha

Kalilou AIDARA

Highly Recommended.
I just got my first side of leather, amazing quality and the sample catalogues are brilliant too it's great to be able to feel and see the products in person.
can't wait to place my next order

Leitia D'Aguiar

I found GH Leathers online as they are one of the few leather suppliers who have a usable web shop - so important during the quarantine. I ordered two sides of veg tan leather and both are beautiful. The colour is rich and consistent, the back of the leather is smooth and well finished and there are very few (almost none) scratches or marks.

The company dispatched the order immediately (to Slovenia) and they arrived 4-5 days later.

Ordering was easy and I love the automated updates to Facebook messenger. A really nice touch.

Highly recommended.

Ian Corthan Bearder

REALLY amazing place. Dee was my initial point of contact on Facebook and was ever so helpful and answered all my questions so quickly before my visit to the Northampton warehouse. The website suggests 2 hours on a visit but I think I was easily there for 3 hours but the staff were extremely kind helping me look at all the leather I wanted to, even the big rolls on the top shelf!
Jon in particular was amazing offering some great advice on choosing the right leather and was extremely patient when my pile of purchases got higher and higher.
The nappa selection is just incredible - every colour and cuts like butter.I found myself buying leather I had no clue what to do with but it was so beautiful I had to have it.
As a newbie to leather I wanted to take the opportunity to choose some real bargains and the sale shelves did not disappoint.
GH leathers is a wonderful company, with lovely, kind and helpful staff and a really great selection - all their leather are by products too :) just AMAZING....realise I am over gushing but cannot recommend this place enough and cannot wait to come back!

Victoria Boast